Uganda is one wonderful destination that never seizes to amaze; no wonder it was dubbed the “PEARL OF AFRICA” by the fallen British premier, Winston Churchill who got overwhelmed by the beauty of this land. With 10 national parks and other numerous attractions, tourists can visit for wildlife, honeymoon tours, Gorilla Trekking, hiking adventures and cultural tours among others.

The journey to have these experiences has been made easier and better, tourists no longer have to spend up to 8 hours to just get to a destination, but rather book for a straight flight to the destinations. This has reduced fatigue associated with long transfers as well as the stress of inconveniences and unnecessary traffic jam. Scheduled flights make flying safaris very interesting and short. Kajansi airstrip now offers direct flights to several national parks and other tourism attractions for your adventure to be fast and possible. Of late, domestic flights in Uganda have been handled and operated by Aero Link; however, due to a lot of improvements, Fly Uganda that was launched on 2nd November 2018 came on board, with its flight to Bwindi impenetrable Forest national Park thus making everything very simplified.