This 1 day Zanzibar Spice tour gives you a half day excursion. It takes you to the tropical fruits, spices and several other rare plant species. The trip takes to Kidichi Persian Baths, swim in the Mangapwani beach, proving why Zanzibar is called the Spice Island.

On meeting in the morning, you will drive to the Spice farm, for an opportunity to learn more about the various Zanzibar spices. You will see how they grow, taste, smell and touch them. Get detailed information about how the spices are used in the Zanzibari cuisines, plus their role in the cosmetic and medical field. Be assured of spotting the cloves, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and many others.

Have a walk through the farm to see spices at the island that were introduced in the early 16th century by the Portuguese traders, though they failed to establish a spice trade market till the 19th century when the Omani Arabs came to Zanzibar and developed Zanzibar as a spice growing entity from then till now.

You will have lunch at the guides’ center to taste the Zanzibari spices and have more personal interactions with the local guides and farmers.

In the afternoon, you will drive back to the lodge or to the point from where you met with the guide in the morning. That will be the end of the one day Zanzibar Spice tour.