Budget gorilla trekking – If not in Uganda, then where else? Located in East Africa and bordered by countries; Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, D.R. Congo and South Sudan among others, Uganda is the only destination that will reward you with a fantastic safari experience that suits your budget. There is a wealth of natural beauty, primates, flora and fauna, vegetation to mention but a few.

With 10 national parks namely; Queen Elizabeth, Murchison, Mountain Rwenzori, lake Mburo National park, mount Elgon, Kidepo, Bwindi, Mgahinga, Kibale and Semuliki national park, don’t despair, depending on your budget, a package is made and experience gained. The question now goes, can one have a safari to Uganda and spend less? Secondly, with a small budget, can someone have fun, be in a comfortable and safe accommodation, and travel safely? The response is definitely Yes!