Are you a student, a school searching for the right place to do research, academic or study tours or even short excursions? Search no further than Uganda – the pearl of Africa. We organize student tours to Uganda from all over the world. Our tours are educational, practical, fun and inclusive with their abundance of wildlife, geography, biology, culture and history. Uganda as a tourist destination is blessed with geographical, flora and fauna, culture and many more features worth to study. Once in Uganda, you not only travel for fun but also acquire knowledge and physically see what you know theoretically. The availability of modern lodging facilities of all budgets, roads, as well as hospitable people make the whole study trip both realistic and worth undertaking.

It’s amazing to know that during this safari, students get exposed to different bird species such as the great blue Turaco, common bulbul, the green breasted pitta, the rare shoe bill stork among others, different mammal species such as the primates, big five, aquatic animals like crocodiles, reptiles such as snakes and much more.